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Sweet Dreamers

26 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Doux Rêveurs, by Isabelle Simler What do animals dream about? Does a wolf dream of a delicious bone? And does a cat, during its endless naps, dream of leaps and twists? What about the koala, the giraffe and the whale? Through a series of charming texts, readers explore these simple, heartwarming dreams, alongside the animals. Rights […] Read more»

This Is The Story

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
C’est l’histoire, by Anne Crausaz Four children are waiting for Madame Ourse. She comes in every week at the same time to tell them stories. Each to their own book, each to their own story. Once everyone gets cosy on the carpet the adventure can begin: they all listen to each other’s story and set […] Read more»

Shaped Board Books

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Les cartonnés, by Ingela P. Arrhenius Here is a new series by Ingela with shaped boardbooks of images babies will love to recognize and name: Christmas, At the market, The Forest and At the fun fair. Thick boards, shaped pages, pretty cloth spine and a nice little price. In-between the object and the book, fan of […] Read more»

My Dinosaur’s Called Darwin

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Mon dinosaure s’appelle Darwin, by Didier Lévy and Kotimi Darwin, a child’s cuddly dinosaur, tells him the most wonderful story, one that began millions of years ago on the ocean floor. Then, gradually, over the millennia, some fish began to grow legs and others, wings. Evolution continued its fabulous adventure, until one day a man […] Read more»


25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Feuille, by Diána Nagy A leaf is born of a shoot in springtime. It then endures the succession of seasons and its attending wind and rain, insects and butterflies. Comes autumn and the leaf turns yellow; it falls off the tree. Is the cycle over? Not if anybody has any say in the matter… 36 […] Read more»

It’s In The Detail

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Dans le détail, by Elisa Géhin This is an ultra-modern book, picking up on one of Élisa Géhin’s favourite themes: classification. It features lists galore, in an unusual order. Things are classified, but differently in each chapter. Children learn to name the things around them while discovering the world from many points of view. Without […] Read more»

Three Wolves In A Library

23 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Trois loups dans une bibliothèque, by Alain Serres and Lucile Placin The children have deserted the Noasette library… So every Wednesday, the library invites the cuddly wolf and the travelling wolf who tell the children stories. But the children grow impatient: “When are we going to meet a really scary wolf?” Here he is at last! […] Read more»

Waiting, Waiting…

14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Je l’attends, je l’attends…, by Pef Alone in front of her mirror, a little girl muses: “Will I live happily ever after or will I be sad?” “Will my parents approve?” So many poignant questions, but the story doesn’t end as expected, with the arrival of a Prince Charming… Perhaps reading turns out to be […] Read more»

A Beautiful Day

14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Une belle journée, by Flora Gressard Breakfast, playtime, lunch, naps, birthday party before… and after, bath time, dinner and bedtime: nine key life moments for toddlers through nine colourful still-life scenes with coloured backgrounds. Each scene is an opportunity for toddlers to play a game of observation. A trendy and meaningful book to help your child […] Read more»


14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Hibou, by Mélodie Baschet On the day Hibou disappeared for three hours. When she came back, she seemed to have fatten a bit. And it happened one day, all of a sudden Hibou’s kitten was there, on the couch. Hibou and Douglas learned to live together. And then, when her little one was six months […] Read more»