7 décembre, 2013



Hannele & Associates is a French publishers’ agency specialized in children’s books and coffee-table books. We represent French independent and creative companies, offering a wide range of titles from novelty books to picture books, non-fiction, fiction, etc. With such a variety of quality books, our bet is that everyone can find the right addition to their list! The agency also proposes workshops on selling rights and can provide expertise on publication and subsidiary rights.




Hannele Legras- I have a Finnish mum (and first name!), though I am very French in fact. I studied publishing at Oxford Brookes University and English literature in Paris.

My first job was with Gallimard Jeunesse’s foreign rights. After four years, I went to London and worked for the joined company De Agostini-RandMcNally, proposing atlases to publishers.

The first publisher I represented as an independent agent was Thierry Magnier, back in 2000. I very much enjoyed presenting these children’s books that were not sweet nor conventional. Since then, I have specialized in quality children books and the publishers I represent, together with their authors and illustrators, bring to me their view of the world. I have grown up as an adult with these books.

Hannele is in charge of English language, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Eastern European languages. You can contact her at: hannele(at)



Emilie Boujon  – I was born by the Brittany sea side. For years I have moved a lot and now my home is also close to the ocean: Bordeaux.

I studied literature and languages for five years, and spent my graduating year in Ireland.  Seeing my future in the publishing world, I went to Limoges for a vocational MA in Publishing.

I have always loved books and speaking foreign languages. I thought I had to choose either one, but eventually I was able to conciliate both becoming a foreign rights agent.

My first work experience was at Hannele & Associates. A few months working together and a Bologna Book Fair later, I was officially part of the team! And now, I am more than glad to help in getting the books we stand for across borders.

Emilie is in charge of Spain and Latin America, Nordic countries, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Israel, Iran. You can contact her at: emilie(at)