• Björn, Six Bear Stories

    Björn, Six Bear Stories

    Björn, six histoires d’ours, by Delphine Perret Björn is a bear. He lives in the middle of the forest, surrounded by his friends the animals. Six simple and funny stories, illustrating the beauty of nature and a quiet life. Winner of the **Pépite** in the « l... More

  • Ten Books, All Colours!

    Ten Books, All Colours!

    Dix livres de toutes les couleurs!, by Janik Coat My elephant is as blue as… the sea. As blue as… the sky. As blue as… The elephant appears on each page, surrounded by things of the same colour, which children can recognise and name. The last page shows the blue elephant s... More

  • The Horn Of Secrets

    The Horn Of Secrets

    Le cornet à secrets, by Alain Serres and illustrated by Rozenn Bothuon Robin has a special hobby: he can talk to nature. He whispers to flowers and insects and understands them too thanks to his amazing horn of secrets. Balo the bear steals his precious horn, but will that big ... More

  • The City

    The City

    La Ville, by Ingela P. Arrhenius After “Animaux”, the second GIANT book by Ingela P. Arrhenius. From the restaurant to the subway and the swimming pool, these are emblematic elements of the city. A book for children slightly older than the readers of “Animaux”: the ima... More

  • The Snowflowers’ Secret

    The Snowflowers’ Secret

    Le Secret des fleurs de neige, by Nancy Guilbert, illustrated by Nina Missir This little girl is fascinated by snow. As soon as the first snowflakes start to fall, she goes outside and runs among the frozen trees to see the snow cover nature with a shiny coat. The child wonders ... More

  • Games For All Four Seasons

    Games For All Four Seasons

    Jeux des quatre saisons, by Petite Salamandre and illustrated by Laurence Jammens and Marc Clamens Learn to read, write, count and have fun while finding out about nature. Mazes, word searches, riddles, seek and find, memory games, colouring… no chance of getting bored. Magical... More

  • Big Dog, Small Dog

    Big Dog, Small Dog

    Gros chien, Petit chien, by Claire Garralon Big Dog and Small Dog are leaving for a walk. On their way they cross paths with other animals who call them by names, some nicer than others. It hurts them eventually. Luckily, when coming back home they know their mother is expecting ... More

  • I Am The Jellyfish

    I Am The Jellyfish

    Je suis la méduse, by Béatrice Fontanel and illustrated by Alexandra Huard A young jellyfish tells her story. One day, she meets a little girl, and she stings her by accident. The little girl’s father pulls the jellyfish out of the water and leaves her on the beach. At death... More

  • The Guest

    The Guest

    La Visite, by Junko Nakamura A family is at the park; a white cat slinks between the trees. Back home, the black cat looks out of the window. After dark, a curious visit takes place: in the cosy, warm glow of the living room, the two cats become human size, wear human clothes, si... More

  • Things That Bring Us Together

    Things That Bring Us Together

    Ce qui nous rassemble, by Noé Carlain, illustrated by Sandra Poirot Cherif This book lists all that brings people together, all those little everyday things and gestures. A moving sentiment in these times of divided societies, enabling us to look afresh and smile at the simple ... More


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