• Big Dog, Small Dog

    Big Dog, Small Dog

    Gros chien, Petit chien, by Claire Garralon Big Dog and Small Dog are leaving for a walk. On their way they cross paths with other animals who call them by names, some nicer than others. It hurts them eventually. Luckily, when coming back home they know their mother is expecting ... More

  • Games For All Four Seasons

    Games For All Four Seasons

    Jeux des quatre saisons, by Petite Salamandre and illustrated by Laurence Jammens and Marc Clamens Learn to read, write, count and have fun while finding out about nature. Mazes, word searches, riddles, seek and find, memory games, colouring… no chance of getting bored. Magical... More

  • Santa Fruta

    Santa Fruta

    Santa Fruta, by Delphine Perret, illustrated by Sébastien Mourrain In the Colorado desert, a cactus is feeling bored. Thousands of kilometers away, a cat loves nothing better than to lie flat on the ground next to the radiator. Following advice from a psychologist for cats, ... More

  • Haïkus for Little Ones

    Haïkus for Little Ones

    Les Haïkus des tout petits, by Alain Serres, illustrated by Judith Gueyfier A collection of 32 poems in haiku style, evoking the feelings and experiences that make up a very young child’s day. Slip this board book into your bag and make poetry a daily delight. 70 pages boar... More

  • This Is My Pond

    This Is My Pond

    C’est ma mare, by Claire Garralon “Oh, what a pretty pond”, says the yellow duck. “This is my pond.”
A white duck comes along, “Oh! What a lovely pond! This is my pond!” And thus the pond is divided. But, along comes a red duck. Then a green one… Whose... More

  • That Night At The Museum…

    That Night At The Museum…

    Cette nuit-là au musée, by Isabelle Simler The sun sets on the museum, everything seems still. But suddenly, a butterfly escapes from its window display. And then, animals, fossils and objects in all the museum halls come to life! For one night a great feast gathers all... More

  • Léon’s Houses, Where Is My Cuddly Toy?

    Léon’s Houses, Where Is My Cuddly Toy?

    Les maisons de Léon, Doudou où es-tu ?, by Lorea De Vos A new series of ingenious books designed by Lorea De Vos, architect and mother of two kids. The house appears gradually while you turn the pages. Each story deals with everyday life themes which allow the little-ones to ... More

  • Mini-Secrets


    Mini-Secrets, by Anne Crahay A cardboard book in a mini format, with a smart elegant finish: toddlers will love it! Little rhymed stories written as riddles. The answers to the questions are placed beneath large flaps that slightly stick out of the page, which makes them easy-to ... More

  • WHY ?

    WHY ?

    Pourkoâ ? by Mei Mitsuki Why are there ants? Yes, why? Frog is always asking questions, just like her young readers. When she asks ‘Why are there …?’ adults and children alike will want to open the book and find out more. She keeps us guessing until the last page, when... More

  • Zebulon and the Rain

    Zebulon and the Rain

    Zébulon et la pluie, by Alice Brière-Haquet, illustrated by Olivier Philipponneau & Raphaëlle Enjary Zebulon is hiding under his umbrella. But where is all this water that is running on his back coming from? He’s decided, he is going to cut off the supply! But the other... More


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